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Stagecoach is an international network of Performing Arts Schools offering extra-curricular education in Singing, Dancing and Acting for children aged between 4 - 18 years. We’re incredibly proud of our continued success in providing an inspirational and fun environment for learning as children and young people develop skills for life.

We aim to offer and deliver a market leading franchise opportunity for those who want to enrich children's lives through Performing Arts in a personally and financially rewarding business, while building a substantial sale-able asset.


We have 30 years of experience. Along the way we’ve developed and enriched our understanding of nurturing and supporting franchisees.


There are over 300 franchisees around the globe. Our ever-growing network is currently in the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Gibraltar, Malta, Spain, and South Africa.


Over 1 million students have been inspired by Stagecoach. As our students grow, the individual businesses in our network  grow and flourish.


Our most successful franchisees earn a significant income that helps ensure a stable future.

We offer you the opportunity to build and grow a network of schools, putting together a team of professionals to manage your schools and support a teaching team to be responsible for the safety, care and creative learning of your students whilst they receive weekly classes lasting 3 hours with an hour spent on each discipline of Acting, Singing and Dancing during term times throughout the academic year.

This model provides you with the potential to grow and earn a significant income whilst building a substantial saleable asset. You will feel accomplished and take pride in running a successful business, seeing students develop and be inspired as they achieve their full potential through the performing arts.

Whether your background is in business, education or the performing arts, we look for:

  • Experience that will enable you to operate as Master Franchisee/Area Developer or Franchisee
  • Leadership - Past positions (Decision maker, Business Owner, etc. ...)
  • Business Acumen/Commercial Awareness
  • Financial stability and ability to invest in the business
  • Someone who is well acquainted to the local community and good at networking
  • Experience in or a passion for the performing Arts and Children's Education
  • Commitment to being part of an organisation with a collaborative working style
  • An ambition to grow/someone who is results orientated
  • The Stagecoach Franchise Opportunity

    We’ve continually refined our franchise model over the course of 30 years. It’s one of many reasons why some 45,000 students come to Stagecoach each week. Our fun and engaging classes give students both the structure and freedom to explore and develop.

    Our classes are:

    • For 4 -18 year olds
    • Run for 36 weeks of the academic year
    • Taught by teachers, not managers nor franchisees
    • Held in a secure and safe environment for which Principals are responsible

    We’re proud that our model helps kids find their way on the stage of life; allowing them to grow in confidence and self-esteem, developing key skills that stay with them for life.

    There are three types of classes:

    Early Stages:
    Weekly 90 minute classes for 4 to 6 year olds with one dedicated teacher to lead all three disciplines.

    Main Stages:
    Weekly classes last for 3 hours with an hour spent on each discipline of Acting, Singing and Dancing. Classes are grouped into similar ages and rotate through the disciplines.

    Further Stages:
    Weekly 2-3 hour classes for advanced students aged 15 or above.

    We offer twice-yearly performances in front of parents, fantastic skills workshops and lots of hugely exciting events. These may include performances in the prestigious theatres, holiday camps and ventures run with partners such as Disney.

    We have a number of opportunities available:

    White Space / Greenfield

    Our Greenfield areas are available at conditions influenced by trading area and density of target consumers which will define your development schedule potential.

    The benefit of buying a white space/greenfield is that you develop the business around your circumstances choosing the locations, day/times of schools and staff within your territory. You set the tone of the business i.e. you may choose to follow a more academic route or you may want to provide exciting performance opportunities for your students.  Equally, you could choose to do both!  You also choose the professional team that will help your students develop Creative Courage For Life.

    Re-sale territories are also available, with prices depending on the scale business

    Buying a franchise that is up-and-running can provide advantages, you purchase a ready-to-go business with established teachers, venues and students. The brand is already established in your area. You have an established income stream and inherit experienced, well-qualified teachers with great relationships with your students and parents.

  • Support and Training

    Your induction and ongoing development is important to our business and to help you get started we will provide you with the following:


    • A comprehensive induction training course in addition to pre and post training done by your Franchise Manager
    • A bespoke training plan developed by your Regional Franchise Manager
    • Custom-made marketing tool-kit containing social media guidance, PR, advert templates, telemarketing and a bespoke micro-site

    Ongoing support

    • Your own dedicated Regional Franchise Manager to support you across all areas of your business including recruitment, locations, launches, territory maximisation marketing and day-to-day operations
    • Support and monitoring from the Marketing Team
    • Regular, regional programs to help you succeed i.e. challenging student behaviour or how to run Mini Stages, Parties, etc.
    • Child Protection and First Aid training
    • Annual conference and franchisee awards
    • Access to a team of experts across all departments at Head Office across areas such as copyright, employment law


  • The Recruitment Process

    We award our franchises to the highest quality candidates who become our most valued ambassadors for the Stagecoach brand. Our recruitment process is as follows:

    Step 1 – Contact us

    • Complete the enquiry form
    • A member of the recruitment team will call you back for an initial, confidential conversation

    Step 2 – Meet with us

    • Meet with one of our Regional Franchise Managers to discuss the franchise opportunity in detail
    • If we decide to progress with your application, we will ask you to present a business plan
    • We'll put you in touch with local franchisees so you can start networking

    Step 3 - Start your journey with us

    • Review the franchise agreement
    • Agree your territory
    • Attend training


  • Case Studies

    A tale of two countries with one passion

    Edward Mercieca and Tosha Doiron have more in common than you would think, for business owners living over 4,500 miles apart. Both have an unquestionable passion for performing and are now inspiring young people in Canada and Malta whilst building valuable businesses. Here are their stories of how the Stagecoach Performing Arts franchise works for different people in two very distinct locations with the same objective… Creative Courage for Life.

    Edward Mercieca first found performing arts through his wife, and business partner, Marika. With a corporate career in marketing for Malta’s only independent brewery, acting provided a creative outlet for Edward during his free time. When Edward and Malika were looking at ways to expand a small theatre school they had set up locally, they found Stagecoach and became the franchisee for Malta and Gozo.

    “Stagecoach came along at the perfect time for Malta. During the late nineties, performing arts opportunities for children were few and far between in the area. We’re so passionate about the theatre and were looking to improve our own quality of life by investing in our own business. It was a win-win scenario.”

    Twenty years on, Edward and Marika’s business has expanded to 10 schools, employing 25 teachers and welcoming hundreds of students every week to their classes. Business expansion came naturally to marketing-minded Edward and he feels incredibly grateful for the financial freedom Stagecoach has provided his family.

    “We’ve worked extremely hard to put Stagecoach Malta on the map and our team offers an impeccable standard of teaching. Two out of our three children work with us and I’m excited to see where they will take the business. Ultimately, I’ll retire and our business will financially support them in the future.”

    Tosha Doiron started Stagecoach Oakville, Ontario, in September 2012 and is a relative newcomer compared to Edward! Five years into the business, she has grown to 10 schools. Tosha manages to also fit in being a professional actress and university lecturer alongside family time with her husband, Julius, and two sons under the age of four.

    “I’m busy all of the time, but I do it because I love it. I’ve always had a passion for performing arts and my career leads me down the route of teaching. I decided to start my own Stagecoach franchise as I had spent years working for them as an acting teacher and I love the way Stagecoach nurtures every child individually.”

    Aside from the pride which comes with being Principal to over 200 students, Tosha has built a stable life for her young family, investing in their future in the best possible way.

    “We recently bought our first home, something which couldn’t have happened without Stagecoach. We’ve even managed to start saving for our children’s education, a luxury which many parents couldn’t afford when I was young. Being able to look after my family is really important but I’m only fully content when I see my students thriving too.”

    Stagecoach has franchisees like Edward and Tosha on four continents and is looking for similar passionate people to share the vision for Creative Courage for Life to more students across the globe. Find out more about Stagecoach by emailing


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We are here to answer all of your questions about joining the Stagecoach Performing Arts network as a franchisee.


    What type of person are we looking for?

    We are looking for candidates with strong business acumen, well connected locally, and ready to operate a large number of Schools as part of an Area  Development  Agreement. They would be passionate for performing arts education of children.


    How do I apply or find out more information?

    Simply fill out the enquiry form and we will get in touch with you. If successful, your application will be passed through to interview stage.


    What support do you give to new franchise owners?

    We offer a comprehensive training programme that covers every aspect of setting up and running a Stagecoach franchise.  We recognise that every franchisee will have different training needs which is why we assign a Regional Franchise Manager work closely alongside you, helping develop a bespoke training plan to ensure your needs are met.  You will have access to our child protection team, creative department, music resource library, marketing and printed material, educational framework.


    What training will I need to get started?

    You will need to attend initial franchise training, which is held at Stagecoach Head Office in the U.K. outside London.  These courses run regularly throughout the year. In addition you’ll be able to shadow a successful franchisee to see how they run their schools.


    Can I own a franchise if I have no performing arts background?

    Yes. Franchisees do not need to have any specific qualifications or experience, just a passion for performing arts education. As Principal, you will be responsible for the overall standards and creative content within your schools alongside the management of your teachers and managers.


    Do I need business experience to become a Stagecoach franchisee?

    Experience in customer service and day-to-day business management is essential. We’re looking for passionate and motivated people with the right level of financial support to really grow franchises.


    Is there additional training if I need it?

    Of course. We provide a range of training courses which include staff development workshops, marketing seminars, regional meetings and the annual conference.


    Do you have existing Stagecoach schools for sale?

    Yes, we often have schools for resale. A full list is available upon request.


    Why do people sometimes sell their Stagecoach schools?

    There are many reasons why people move on from Stagecoach. The most common circumstances are retiring or relocating. Much of our franchisee network have however been with us for many years, some for decades. We’re thrilled that so many franchisees stay for so long.


    Do I need a up to date police check (Child protection policy)?

    All Stagecoach Franchisees, Managers and teachers need a valid and up to date police check certificate and we will support you to arrange this during the recruitment process.


    Are there any other qualifications that I would need as a Principal?

    All Stagecoach Franchisees and Managers are required to have a first aid qualification specifically for children and we can support you in arranging a course.


    Can I job share?

    Unfortunately you cannot share your role with another person. You must attend every Stagecoach session as named Principal (franchisee).  All Stagecoach Principals must make a commitment to attend their schools personally at all times. Of course exceptions can be made if you’re unwell or there are unforeseen circumstances.


    Do the Stagecoach schools run during the holidays?

    All schools take place during term time, with a break for Easter, Summer and Christmas.  There is some flexibility around exact term dates and Stagecoach schools can run during half terms.  During the school holidays you are encouraged to run camps or workshops and other events.


    Can I teach at the school if I am the Principal (franchisee)?

    Stagecoach Principals are not permitted to teach. The role of a Principal in the school is to maintain quality and safety standards and therefore should always be available if any issues arise.


    Can I recruit my own teachers?

    Yes, you will need to employ your own staff. Head Office will provide training and advice to support you with this.


We have 30 years of experience. Along the way we’ve developed and enriched our understanding of nurturing and supporting franchisees.


There are over 300 franchisees around the globe. Our ever-growing network is currently in the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Gibraltar, Malta, Spain, and South Africa.


Over 1 million students have been inspired by Stagecoach. As our students grow, the individual businesses in our network  grow and flourish.


Our most successful franchisees earn a significant income that helps ensure a stable future.





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