Management Franchise Opportunity

Child enrichment is big business!

Stagecoach Performing Arts is a management business model where your role as franchisee is to operate and grow your business, working with professionals to create and deliver your classes using our Educational Framework.

Do you have...

…an ambition to manage and grow your own business?

…a passion to positively impact children in your community?

…the determination to build an asset you can sell in the future?

…the desire for a great work/life balance with high take-home earnings? (£70K+ per territory)

Running your own business with Stagecoach

Established in the UK in 1988, the network of Stagecoach franchisees now numbers 300+, with a growing global presence across eight countries. This equates to 1,800+ schools and more than 48,000 students every week worldwide.

With Stagecoach you are following a well-proven business model with an established leading brand which commands a premium price for your classes. An ever-evolving Educational Framework guides your teachers and the state-of-the-art business management system reduces your administration.

Our large central support team are passionate about ensuring your business is successful from launch right through your entire journey as a Stagecoach Franchisee.  From marketing to recruiting and retaining teachers, we will be there with the guidance and support you need, when you need it.

Investment and Returns

There are three routes to becoming a Stagecoach Franchisee, each with different investment levels in time, and money, offering different speeds of realising your return on investment. Up to 70% loan funding is typically available (subject to status).



Investment Required

£9,000 cash

£19,000 loan funding

TOTAL – £28,000


Target 132+ students  in 24 months

Average £45,000 earnings in 24 months

Average two-day working week

Reinvest initial profits to grow more schools

Continue working initially to fund your living expenses



Investment Required

£13,500 cash

£31,500 loan funding

TOTAL £45,000


Target 200+ students in 18-24 months

Average £70,000 earnings at 24 months

Average four-day working week

Focus on rapid growth

Opportunity to purchase additional territories to further impact growth


£40,000 – £500,000

Investment Required

Dependent on resale value


Loan funding available

Provides you with an instant income stream

Average four-day working week

Established team and infrastructure

Territories available across the UK

Get in touch to find out which businesses are currently for sale

Starting as a Franchisee means working Saturdays to oversee your teachers and classes, with the rest of your work based from home, flexible around your family and other commitments.

Once you have 200+ students in your territory and are earning an average of £70,000 per year, you can look to expand further with additional territories, opening more schools and utilising Managers to allow you to take on a more Director level position.

With multiple territories established you could be earning £150,000+ per year and have the security of an asset of considerable value to sell in the future.

Meet Our Franchisees

Nick Plummer-Walsh

Stagecoach Doncaster

Former professional actor

Hannah James

Stagecoach Wolverhampton

Former dance teacher

Jacqui Dance

Stagecoach Leamington Spa

Former lecturer

Kate Eason

Stagecoach Welwyn-Hatfield

Former professional actor

Laura Millward

Stagecoach Walsall

Former professional choreographer

Terrie Dodds

Stagecoach Leicester

Former professional actor

To be successful with Stagecoach you need to:

  • Be a genuine people-person, passionate about giving children Creative Courage For Life
  • Have the desire to work with teachers and build a multi-school management business
  • Commit to our reputation for maintaining a best-in-class safe environment for children
  • Be willing to follow the proven business model and work with your support team
  • Choose the right route for you:
  • New territory P/T startup – at least £9,000 in cash to invest + loan funding
  • New territory FAST startup – at least £13,500 to invest + loan funding
  • Purchase an established business for sale