Why invest in the Stagecoach franchise?

Over the last few years, stimulated by the demand for after-school activities and the growing investment by savvy entrepreneurs, children’s services franchises have grown in popularity.   

The rise in popularity of children’s services franchises

 A recent study has revealed that a whopping 77% of parents are happy to invest their hard-earned cash in after-school activities for their children*. The majority of those are spending more than £28,000 on their children’s hobbies before they reach the age of 18.

Funding cuts in mainstream education have led parents to take matters into their own hands by investing their disposable income in extra-curricular activities for their children. 

Matthew Wing franchisee and Principal at Stagecoach Performing Arts Chingford can certainly vouch for the increase in parents opting for after-school activities for their children. 

“I first took over operations of my Stagecoach franchise 11 years ago,” explained Matthew. “Back then, I had 140 students – now I have 440. As a parent of two myself, I understand parents’ frustrations with the apparent lack of performing arts opportunities in schools. Funding is no longer as available as it once was, meaning state educators aren’t able to offer the opportunities they once could. Therefore, it would make sense that more parents than ever are looking into extra-curricular performing arts opportunities for their children.”

“Over the last few years, stimulated by the demand for after-school activities and the growing investment by savvy entrepreneurs, children’s services franchises have grown in popularity. “

Passion for making a difference and child enrichment

With over 30 years’ experience, we have seen more than one million students unlock their potential, which is something they will value for their whole life.

A key component of running a successful children’s services franchise is a passion for child enrichment and making a difference in the community. Even if you come with no on-the-job experience of working with children, you must be invested in their development and equipping them with the confidence needed to perform in life,” said Andy Knights, COO of Stagecoach Performing Arts.

Brand recognition

Stagecoach is the UK’s largest network of extra-curricular performing arts schools for children, with more than 2,000 schools worldwide. In the UK, we are the preferred choice in part-time performing arts for children.**

“At Stagecoach, we live by our motto Creative Courage for Life. We feel this truly encompasses our commitment to our students. Our franchisees live and breathe this concept which has a knock-on effect on our network of teachers and assistants,” said Andy.

“Stagecoach is one of the most internationally recognised performing arts schools in the world. Their brand position has placed me well in the local community – my schools are known as the best in the area, which has really contributed to the growth of my franchise,” – Matthew

Training and Support

We provide franchisees with ongoing training along with industry-leading support in marketing, customer service, IT and business development. Our tried-and-tested structure enables franchisees to play to their strengths and provides the best possible environment in which to succeed.

“As long as you bring passion and commitment to your business, anything you have less experience in, or knowledge of can be taught. We utilise the skill of our franchisees whilst we fill in any gaps in their knowledge through our comprehensive training programme. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership.”

Trust in our service

It’s imperative that parents feel our service and team are credible and trustworthy. At Stagecoach, we are committed to child development and establishing a well-respected and reputable service. Furthermore, we adhere to the strictest child safety policies. 98% of our UK customers would recommend Stagecoach.**

With more parents than ever looking to invest in their child’s future and overall happiness, the present looks to be a high time to invest in your own. To find out more about our franchise opportunities in your country, get in touch with us!

*Gerard Kelly & Partners, May 2019, Out of school, out of pocket – How much do parents spend on extra-curricular activities?

**1,006 Interviews, Savanta Brand Tracker, November 2019

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