Principal Freddie Underwood with Stagecoach students

Ten years on fate comes knocking

Principal Freddie Underwood with Stagecoach students

“I immediately knew it was somewhere I wanted to be and it just made complete sense.”

Freddie joined Stagecoach with a strong background in the performing arts. She studied Drama A-Level, after that she continued her studies to degree level. She also set up a theatre company with some friends, putting on performances all over London.

By 23, Freddie was a budding actress with the passion for centre stage. Having experience in radio, touring shows and pantomime, above all she knew live theatre is where her passion lay.

Joining Stagecoach

“From then on, I was looking for the right moment. I saw that Stagecoach Trowbridge was available as a new territory. After the initial meeting, it was a quick process to get my application approved. I think it helped that I was already involved with Stagecoach . They recognised my passion and went from there.”  

It was only six months before the doors of Stagecoach Trowbridge opened for the first time. Additionally the opportunity to have a healthy work-life balance was something Freddie was thankful for. Over time Chris, Freddie’s husband became an equal partner in Stagecoach Trowbridge.

Growing the business

The flexible working at Stagecoach allowed Freddie to take a step back during pregnancy. In addition to Chris taking over the day to day of the schools. Resulting in Freddie still being able to be involved in something she loved. 

For Freddie, being part of Stagecoach is much more than a career. “Ultimately, there’s something really rewarding about starting something yourself that makes a real impact on people’s lives. Everytime you get praise or a good word from a parent or student about how significant a change you’ve made on someone’s life, it makes it all worth it.”

Freddie is passionate and keen to grow her business. Opening her school in an area new to Stagecoach she was determined to succeed.  The commitment and passion Freddie and Chris have poured into the business have seen them coach over 1,000 students in the ten years Stagecoach Trowbridge has been open. 

If you, like Freddie, are looking for a business with longevity. Which allows for flexible working and great personal satisfaction, you can find out more about Stagecoach by visiting